TechUpdates: JupyterHubs and Discordian Classrooms

We have recently implemented Jupyter Notebooks and Google Classrooms to host and maintain our curriculum.

Having just completed our first week of classes, these tools seem to be excellent choices.

Students are able to access both resources using only their browsers.

Update: Additionally, we will rely on a Discord server to connect our students with additional support, expanding their network.

We’ve moved everything over to a GitHub repository.

Google Classrooms

Google Classrooms has made it easy for us to organize our six-week program to include exercises and external materials.

Being able to build on a structure we can replicate, and that is open to contribution, will allow us to iterate and actuate accumulated knowledge more efficiently.

We are in the process of creating 12-week program for another client.

Google Classrooms enables us to create this curriculum in collaboration with contributors all around the world!

Project Jupyter

Project Jupyter is the name of a collection of projects, a centerpiece of which are Jupyter Notebooks.

These are interactive digital notebooks used to teach and practice coding with one of the three primary languages: Julia, Python and R.

We have installed a JupyterHub, by which each student is given their own space and notebooks.

Through these notebooks we are able to cover basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript concepts, leading up to using Python.

We use Jupyter notebooks, not just to teach the students to code, their actual work will be comprised of creating new notebooks for each of their scrapers.

More on this later.

Up next,

We had a few technical difficulties, though hope to have them resolved quickly.

The next platform we will implement is Slack Discord.

Through this platform we will be able to support remote volunteers!

It was a wonderful week, and we are so blessed to be doing this work ~

We are incredibly excited to grow this work and thankful to our students for being so delightful and interested!

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