Coding Class: Budget Breakdown

Update: This information may form a model for a future program; though is not presently a product offered by ScreamFreely; though the page in maintained for transparency’s sake.

This is a comprehensive breakdown of the budget and expenditures for our coding classes.

Our reverence for the spirit of transparency is only as much as our follow through.

To begin with, we always charge more than we pay; this just seems basic sense, though only do so to pay our bills and maintain a small cushion.

Also, the organization is remotely based, so office space is not required.

We mitigate costs where ever possible. More on that here.

As stated, teachers are valued at $35 per hour financially speaking.

Classroom attendants and administration time, is charged at $30 per hour.

We pay $10 less for each.

Teachers are paid $25 per hour, and classroom attendants are paid $20 per hour.

We may be adjusting our prices, as administration time is paid at a rate of $25 per hour.


Instructors always virtually located; and are core maintainers of the MnActivist.Org application.

It is this last part which qualifies them to be instructors.

Our curriculum uses GitHub repositories and Google Classroom to navigate six weeks of material. The work on-boards students to the MnActivist application,  and in so doing, teaches coding using Python, JavaScript, and CLI.

Instructors are also students continually learning themselves.

In this manner, the opportunity to teach the material will only further their own understanding.

Instructors are herein enabled to demonstrate a model of life-long learning to students.

It is our hope that this can sustain a community welcome of  newcomers, and a community nurtured by perpetual mentorship.

More about that here.

Classroom Attendants

Classroom attendants will have two primary jobs and the tertiary objective of providing technical support for students.

Their primary work will consist of volunteer stewardship and on-the-ground organizational coordination.

They also have experience working with the code; and be able to provide curricular support as well.


Administration provides outreach to the community regarding our volunteering opportunities.

Time is also allocated to help maintain class work outside of class time.