MnActivist Student Scraper Pool

There was a lingering question when we started our program at Patrick Henry HS.

Would the students be paid? It was to be an internship afterall.

I wanted to pay the students, but I did not know how to even pay myself.

Though we’ve since gotten a bit better of handle on that.

The plan is to pay each student $10 for their first scraper, pending that they are able to explain each line of code.

After this each scraper will be worth $5.

An example of a scraper can be seen here.

The next step is to teach the students how to complete the scraper, for which they will receive an additional $5.

It isn’t much, though two can easily be completed in an hour, making the entire endeavor a $20/hour gig for those who choose to apply themselves.

I am using my own monies to fund the first payment, though would greatly appreciate help to continue this and so have created a specific pool where funds can be collected solely for the purpose of paying students.

Below is a form you can use to contribute using DonationBox!