GoFundMe is a GO!!

You can check out the campaign here.

We got verified by PayPal, and so are a verified 501c3 on the GoFundMe platform.

The following are the first three updates:

Why Long Lake?

That’s where I grew up!

That’s where I first learned how to talk myself out of getting arrested by the police, even when white people called them on me. Though it took a few tries to perfect; and is not a skill you want to test.

So I moved back to Colombia, which is where I was born, and found my biological family.

Though all the mail gets sent to the people who adopted me, in Long Lake. We don’t have a SUPER great relationship, but enough to get business done: #BeingAdoptedMeans

It is also the community that provided the education by which I conceived the need for ScreamFreely — the words of which first came to me while dancing on the retaining wall reciting poetry beneath the streetlamp.

Now there is a team, I’ll introduce later, in Minnesota, to help me.

The aspiration is to transfer the address for the base of our operations to a more amendable location as soon as possible.


Target Organizations

We are seeking to partner with community organizations who want to provide community coding classes. This is in the pursuit of grants by which we might kick-start the MnActivist project.

The program would train individuals in classes of 4,6 or 8; after which, each will have a job. Additionally one, or two students, will remain on-board with the organization as tech specialists teaching after-school community coding classes.

The first “cohort” would be only four, or six students, from two to three organizations. Were we able to begin their training in January, we would be in a position to provide summer community coding classes in partnership with our partner organizations.

More info in the future update on The Curriculum

The Web App

The “web-application” MnActivist is specifically made in a manner that has no need to track its users, nor advertising to them!

By obliging ourselves to this, we are able to provide only “raw data” of information, starting with the following:

When is the event?
What are they talking about?
Where is it?

Yes! This is just basic information to begin with; though is vital information to enhance civic engagement.

We need more, and a greater diversity of, experiences in every room of governance. The People need to be present to best represent themselves.

While this is also just the beginning of conversation.

More in The Curriculum Part 4

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