Financial Transparency

Financial Transparency

The argument against pursuing financial tranparency, is that is excessively laborious. And this argument is not  without merit.

Though the activity of financial accounting is, albeit perhaps grudgingly, required of most every individual, and organization, these days.

That said, our financial transparency can serve as a model for others to emulate, and so be another seed for a project enabling greater financial literacy. And this aligns with what both ScreamFreely, and DreamFreely, aspire to be, an educational resource.

Furthermore, we seek to update audit our records, and submit our taxes three times per year, April 15th, August 15th and December 15th. Some people suggest submitting business taxes quarterly, though this honestly seems excessive. While partitioning the year, we are not subjecting ourselves to constant accounting. Rather the aim is to create an efficient book-keeping and accounting system. In this manner, at every juncture we can simplify accounting activities.

The Toolset

The central tool in doing this is an open-source platform called GNUCash, an open-source version of Quicken.

Eventually we can provide classes that teach our community how to use this type of program to manage their personal, and business, accounting; through a computer and phone of their choice.

The Results

In conclusion,  it may be some additional labor. Though by the power of open-source software, automation and our communities of programmers and learners, we can overcome this obstacle.

We can even continue to making a more fluid and efficient workflow, and toolset. Others can then emulate these to better enable financial literacy, and growth, for themselves and their communities directly, and in a more expansive manner.

In this manner ScreamFreely is able to provide curriculum that only supports one’s entrance into a financially lucrative market, we also support the financial stability and literacy of our communities.

The view is one of opportunity cost. We could expend a bit more effort, for an exponential increase of content and service we are able to provide.

As these actions are aligned with processes we will need to conduct anyways, adding the labor of recording and editing them is minimal. And can be of introductory service to many.

What’s Included

All of our expenses, including labor, and all of the organizations individual income.

Presently t-shirt sales are happening through Culture Clap’s TeeSpring store, and consequently the funds are being directed to our parent organization DreamFreely. Once a sufficient stream of income is acquired a separate DBA and bank account will be acquired and subsequent funds made transparent.

For those interested in viewing DreamFreely’s continuing financial position space is still available in the F500.