MnActivist UX Update

New UX designs and suggestions compliments of resident volunteer expert Ed!

From the beginning, he has been proactive in engaging; eventually to host user interviews from which to glean more information.

Ed and I connected via LinkedIn, as both of us attended Prime Digital Academy. His help and support have been one of the true blessings from my time spent there.

MnActivist Events & Interface

MnActivist Base Usability

Design Changes

What his conversation to light are a few structural decisions need to be made; do we move over to React?

While VueJS may be able to produce the same results as ReactJS, the latter simply has larger mindshare, and so more options. As a matter of curriculum, it would be reasonable to provide an introduction to ReactJS as well.

Database Changes

Ed discovered a few other gaps in my understanding and comprehension as well; how events might be escalated, etc.

As well, how can events submitted by users be vetted or validated?

We discussed possible answers to these questions.

At this juncture, everything is manually transferred for user events; though as growth enables us, verified users will be enabled to verify events.

Verified Users

I hesitate to speak upon this too much; save to re-affirm, we have no desire, nor intent to track our communities.

In fact, there are two pieces of identifying information  that we will ever retain and encrypt, user email addresses and phone numbers. All donations are handled by DonorBox & Stripe. Our databases will likely hold an identifying pin, attached to credit card information, for re-occurring supporters.

All of that aside, we do not want to make verified status exclusive to those with financial means; and so are building multiple routes to verification for all community members, before rolling out completely.

When I was a child …

I came upon the idea of ScreamFreely while dancing on a retaining wall, talking to my self under a street lamp.

When I was a child — they told me I could,

So I dreamed freely.

Now, two decades later I wake to greet my reality bleeding.

Please believe I didn’t mean it;

Though I know I am the only one

who can take

and change this legacy.

Not to say that it’s all about me


that we are all children.

Who wish we too could, DreamFreely.

Recreate reality.

That we might all feel appreciated.

Upon finding that word, DreamFreely, I was given her two children, ScreamFreely and BreatheFreely.

These were ideas, or dreams, that told me they too wished to be real.


ScreamFreely will not be reigned in, she is free-wheeling, and needs to ever be. As she will always be at the service of her community, their wish is her wish, and their dreams are her dreams.

Their growth is her bliss.

Her first service is through the *Activist Project, to collect information her community can use to better inform themselves about what is happening in their community.

Eventually she seeks to make interactive pictures, with buttons and dials. Maybe even read the words and use machine learning to distill and organize/analyze data.

She has dreams of her own, to be sure.

Quiet times

ScreamFreely was originally registered on April 21, 2008.

I had the money and had the idea; let’s be honest, it works as a brand!

I  made sure to snag the Twitter handle, website, and Google Domain Apps.

I tried a few ideas at the time, made a site using Joomla even. It has taken me as long to come back around to accepting WordPress (albeit ClassicPress). Anywho,

I actually lost the domain for a few years, and only recently reacquired it a few years ago. That no one took it, and then sought access to the Google rights is something for which I will always thankful.

The engine revs

The original, original ScreamFreely website had been made in JavaScript.

It contained information for all of the legislators, including links to the cities in each of their districts, with information about each city.

In 2008, in a basement — no idea what I was doing, but it worked!

We still don’t listen to brown kids, so I was pretty well tucked under the radar.

Like I said, I lost the domain due to disuse.

Years later I met one of my best friend’s in the whole world.

This man has taught me more about myself than anyone else, along with how to teach  myself coding.

Eventually I came upon Python, and the Django framework.

Afterburners engage

For a time I had a job working with Django, I speak of those time a bit more here.

Regardless, Django and Python have allowed me to recreate, and evolve, the original ScreamFreely page as MnActivist.Org.

Furthermore, we are now able to use the platform to teach others how to code!

No more learning in obscurity for those who don’t want to ~

If you need help, we can find that.

If you have an idea, we can help build that.


Canin Carlos is the founder of ScreamFreely and DreamFreely. More can be learned about him and his work at