SF Overview

ScreamFreely Overview

ScreamFreely is an entry-point for civic engagement and technology.

We accomplish this in three specific ways.

  1. We provide a FREE web and phone application to avail users of upcoming civic events.
  2. We provide coding curriculum geared towards teaching youth to code, and expanding their access to technology.
  3. We are developing an application for organizations through which they may gain additional insights and more comprehensively follow pertinent content.

Community Coding Classes

We look forward to being able to partner with community organizations to provide in-house coding teachers for their communities.

In this manner, we hope to enable organizations to house their own after-school coding programs around the SF Coding Curriculum.

Our curriculum is built around manifesting three tangible products.

First is an idea for a phone app. This is the students target goal.

Second, they will outline and document their plan through the creation of a website, explaining their project and why it interests them.

Lastly, each student will create a custom resume.

Through the process of creating these three items, students will learn not only how to build web and phone applications, but also be introduced to system and database administration, web servers, cyber security and more!

Organizational App

Data is becoming an ever-increasing component of policy and organizing.

Our organizational app taps into data we are already tracking, and aggregates it with other data sources, along with unique user generated survey data.

This enables organizations to better draw narratives supported by quantitative data, to which they can support the qualitative data of their membership’s experiences.

By partnering with ScreamFreely organizations will be able to provide themselves with in-house tech expertise, and personnel for continued community computer training!

To learn more email katie@screamfreely.org

Public Application

We have phone applications available for both Android and iOS phones.

These applications are free to download, and free to create an account.

None of our users information is tracked, save that accounts can specify which organizations they would like to follow.

None of our applications track our users, nor do they advertise to our users.