GoFundMe is a GO!!

You can check out the campaign here.

We got verified by PayPal, and so are a verified 501c3 on the GoFundMe platform.

The following are the first three updates:

Why Long Lake?

That’s where I grew up!

That’s where I first learned how to talk myself out of getting arrested by the police, even when white people called them on me. Though it took a few tries to perfect; and is not a skill you want to test.

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SF Overview

ScreamFreely is a 501c3 non-profit with the mission to be an entry-point for civic engagement and technology.

We accomplish this in three specific ways.

  1. We provide a FREE web and phone application to avail users of upcoming civic events. It is notable that our app neither tracks our users, nor advertises to them.
  2. We provide coding curriculum geared towards teaching youth to code, and expanding their access to technology.
  3. We are developing an application for organizations through which they may gain additional insights and more comprehensively follow pertinent content.

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TechUpdates: JupyterHubs and Discordian Classrooms

We have recently implemented Jupyter Notebooks and Google Classrooms to host and maintain our curriculum.

Having just completed our first week of classes, these tools seem to be excellent choices.

Students are able to access both resources using only their browsers.

Update: Additionally, we will rely on a Discord server to connect our students with additional support, expanding their network.

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